About us


To be recognized, both nationally and internationally, as a benchmark of IT events in terms of operational efficiency and quality of guest speakers and arranged activities.
To produce an event which stands out for its excellence, coordination and focus on satisfaction and professional development of every participant and contributor.


To present the best practices in the IT field, in corporate, academic and investigation levels, both in Portugal and the rest of the World.
To bring IST students and general public closer to corporations and the labor market, by promoting bonds between companies and participants in a free and high quality event.


  • Honesty
  • Responsibility
  • Fairness
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Quality

Target Audience

Our target audience is primarily made up of Information Systems and Computer Engineering students but also encompasses every IST student and ultimately anyone interested in technology and computer science.


  • To maintain and raise our quality standards by any means necessary and possible, without ever compromising our values.
  • To produce a high quality event which is ALWAYS FREE to all attendees.
  • To maintain and build strong relationships with every entity involved, without ever damaging or harming their image in any way.
  • To take into account and be open to all kinds of suggestions, whatever its source or content.
  • To keep confidentiality over any kind of information gathered from our participants and speakers.
  • To give equal opportunities for participation to all entities that may be interested, except for those which have incurred in unlawful conduct to the organization and/or the event. Details and issues relating to possible business partnerships are subject to discussion by the current organizing committee.
  • To be equitable and fair in providing seats for all activities we arrange, as well as ensuring they are not occupied by members of the organizing committee.
  • We shall attempt to provide material from past events to the general public, however this shall only happen with the consent of the respective stakeholders.