Roads. Frames. Dots. A talk in three acts.

From all the different roads travelled, the obstacles we face, the traffic jams you get into and even the accidents you deal with, all come to define your career, your success, the way you view things and the way you learn. Part of being a visual artist, of working with frames, images, still or in motion, is precisely what you have learned in life, what you observe, what you see and of course, the story you want to tell to other people.

Monday 25/February 14:00

BioWare's first two decades: the evolution of vision, products and business

Dr. Ray Muzyka co-founded and was CEO of BioWare for nearly two decades, from its inception in the early 1990s through its development of multiple products at multiple locations, a major private equity investment by Elevation Partners, and 2007 acquisition by Electronic Arts, and its subsequent evolution into a Label within EA.

Ray retired from BioWare/EA in October 2012 and will provide a retrospective history of BioWare from his time there, describing how the company's business models, organizational structure and systems/processes evolved as it grew, and how in parallel BioWare's products and approach to emotional engagement transformed to reflect ongoing changes in the market of videogames.

Monday 25/February 15:40

Building a Community Focused Game

This presentation will focus on the design decisions and challenges you face in attempting to build a community focused game in the online game space. Taken through the lens of the Guild Wars franchise in particular, the presentation will discuss how making community the focus of your game affects decisions you make about over-all vision, day-to-day design, and monetization of the title.

Monday 25/February 17:20

The copyright monopoly cannot coexist with fundamental civil liberties. That's the key message of Rick Falkvinge, founder of the Swedish Pirate Party, who was been recognized as one of the world's top 100 global thinkers, and was nominated in 2012 to TIME's list of the world's 100 most influential people. In this keynote, he will cover the history of copyright and show how it stands in direct conflict with values that we consider much more important than a commercial distribution monopoly for entertainment.

Tuesday 26/February 14:00

The Cultural Anthropology of Stack Exchange

Software developers love Stack Overflow and know that it has a ... unique culture to it. But what isn't as well known is how the structure of the software and technology behind Stack Overflow is designed to help shape that community. We'll discuss some of the unique aspects of the Stack Overflow community, the basics of cultural anthropology, and how we've designed the sites to facilitate the community that our users ask for.

Wednesday 27/February 14:00

A Taste of Pi

An opportunity to get hands-on with a Raspberry Pi and to chat with one the developers. Come along to discuss your existing projects or to get started on something new using the Raspberry Pi.

Thursday 28/February 11:00

The Cyborg Experiments

In this presentation a practical look is taken at how the use of implant and electrode technology can be employed to create biological brains for robots, to enable human enhancement and to diminish the effects of certain neural illnesses. In all cases the end result is to increase the range of abilities of the recipients. An indication is given of a number of areas in which such technology has already had a profound effect, a key element being the need for a clear interface linking a biological brain directly with computer technology.

Thursday 28/February 14:00

Arch Linux: Succeeding on the Bleeding Edge

Arch Linux is a community based Linux distribution that is known for its simplicity, extremely up-to-date software and strong documentation. Allan will talk about how the development of Arch Linux is organised and his role in maintaining the distribution. He will also discuss the role Arch Linux plays in the Linux ecosystem.

Friday 01/March 14:00
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