IT Engineering: pillar to Success, recipe to Innovation

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Moderator: José Tribolet

José Tribolet is Full Professor of Information Systems at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering (DEI) and at the Department of Engineering and Management (DEG) (Joint Appointment) at the Instituto Superior Técnico (IST), Technical University of Lisbon, Portugal. He is senior researcher at the Information Systems Group at INESC-ID and promoter of the Centre for Organizational Design & Engineering at INESC-INOV. He is the coordinator of POSI-E3, the Professional Post-Graduate course in Informations Systems and Enterprise Engineering of IST (3rd Degree Bologna Diploma).

Celso Martinho - SAPO

Full name is Celso Manuel Batista Martinho. Portuguese, was born on the 1st of July, 1972. Speaks and writes fluent Portuguese and English. Studied at the University of Aveiro in Electronics. Had intensive courses on entrepreneurship and managing startups.
Loves Technology, Internet, Communications, Messaging, Online Communities, Free Information Access and Free Software Models. Also Music, Digital Photography and Movie editing, Movies, Travellong, Sea & Beach, Sun, Friends, Good food, Dinner & Good wine. Myers-Briggs profile is the INTP.
Progammer in several languages. Emphasis in: C, PHP, Javascript, bash, HTML, CSS. Strong Unix background and comfortable with most backend web technologies, emphasis on Open source.
Manager. Leads medium sized teams, keeping them up with challenges, motivation and innovation. Project management. Deals with financial budgets and business strategy.
Currently, Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of SAPO.PT, the leading Portuguese Web portal. Board administrator of PT Inovação SA, Portugal Telecom’s R&D company.

Lúcio Ferrão - OutSystems

Lúcio Ferrão is a former student from IST (LEIC97) who decided to follow his passion for software development. He is co-founder of OutSystems, in the role of Software Architect. He is in charge for most of the design of the Agile Platform, a development platform as software for IT professionals who are more focused on business than the technical challenge.

Miguel Araújo Lopes - Altitude Software

Miguel Lopes is Executive Vice President of Marketing at Altitude Software. He has 20 years of international experience in the CRM software industry and, for the past twelve years, he contributed for the recognition of Altitude Software as the only European independent company with global presence ranked in Gartner's Magic Quadrant. Currently he is also the Managing Director of the newly opened German office, developing a new business with partnerships and regional marketing efforts to gain market share in DACH.

As Vice President his responsibilities include defining the company strategy, managing the product life cycle, defining and executing the marketing plan, and supporting the sales force in 17 offices globally, which enables to get the customer feedback into the company R&D roadmaps.

Before Altitude, he managed contact center product lines and teams at Siemens ROLM (USA) and Siemens ICN (Germany), in the areas of PBX, CTI, and Contact Centers. He took part in ITU's standards definition of CSTA (p.III) which led to the creation of Siemens HiPath ProCenter and won a Top50 Worldwide Innovation Competition and a patent on advanced skills based routing. Miguel is a frequent speaker at ICCM, CeBIT, CRM Europe, ComputerTelephony, IDC. Miguel holds an MBA from Santa Clara University (CA, USA) and has a B.S. in EE/CS from Instituto Superior Técnico (Portugal).

Artur Arsénio - YDreams Robotics

Artur Arsenio é o CEO da YDreamsRobotics SA (futuramente YDDON), e Professor Auxiliar em Engenharia Informática no Instituto Superior Técnico. Anteriormente, liderou a Inovação na Nokia Siemens Networks Portugal SA, e liderou equipas internacionais na Siemens SA. Artur recebeu o seu doutoramento em Engenharia Informática pelo Massachusetts Institute of Technology, em 2004. É inventor de seis famílias de patentes internacionais, e é autor / co-autor de cerca de 100 publicações científicas. Recebeu vários prémios científicos e de inovação. É membro associado da associação de empreendorismo Beta-i, onde é mentor em projectos de novas empresas. Foi co-organizador do TEDxEdges, o primeiro evento TEDx em Portugal. Artur é Fulbrighter, e presidente da associação de ex-alunos do MIT em Portugal.

Joaquim Santos - Ericsson

Licenciado em Engenharia Electrotécnica e de Computadores em 1994, pelo Instituto Superior Técnico. Tem mais de 20 anos de experiência na área das TICs. Trabalhou na EID (Empresa de Investigação e Desenvolvimento de Electrónica) durante 7,5 anos onde fez I+D para soluções militares.
Desde 1997 trabalha na Ericsson, tendo desde então desempenhado funções como Gestor de Soluções móveis (Microondas, Rádio GSM, UMTS) (até 2003), Diretor do suporte pré-venda na área de infra-estruturas móveis na Ericsson Portugal (2004-2010). Desde Julho de 2010 é Diretor Ibérico do suporte pré-venda na área de banda larga fixa e redes convergentes. Também desde 2012 acumula esta função com o cargo de CTO da Ericsson Portugal.