Mobility in HTML5 - Byclosure

With the primary objective of extending the media support, the fifth revision of the HTML standard, HTML5, introduced a set of tools for programmers such as offline support, geolocation, canvas drawing, among others.

On the other hand, these tools also came to offer programmers a base support for the development of applications targeted to the potential offered by mobile devices.

Promoted by Byclosure, this workshop aims to introduce the basic concepts of this applications paradigm to it's participants, addressing the following topics:

  • Responsive web design
  • Offline support
  • Native look-and-feel
Thursday 28/February 17:00 to 19:00

Should have a computer, with the following software installed:

  • Browser Chrome
  • Git (nice to have)
  • Local Web Server. Apache will be used:
    • Ubuntu: apt-get install apache2
    • For Windows we recommend XAMP
    • Mac: via Macports, homebrew or MAMP
  • Localtunnel

Must have Android Phone and/or iPhone

Desired level of knowledge of participants:

  • HTML (basic)
  • Javascript (average)
  • CSS (average)
  • Outros: Good mood (mandatory)
Manuel Cajada

Software Developer from Byclosure with over 3 years of professional and academic experience on developing complex web and mobile applications. On it's course at Byclosure he has participated in several development projects for clients on the Media and Telecommunication areas, based on technologies like HTML5, GWT and Ruby on Rails. He owns a Masters in Information Systems and Computer Engineering from IST, with a specialization in Distributed Systems. On his free time he dedicates himself to the development of multi-device games, long walks on the beach and ornithology.

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